About Golrang

Golrang Brand was patented in 1972 to meet the demand of serving Iranian people to detergents, cosmetic and hygienic products.
In addition, it was registered in name of Golrang Chemical Products Institute as well. Later, owing to the efforts and great will of Mr. Haj Mohammad Karim Fazli and a group of Iranian specialist, the Company was developed and changed to Pakshoo Company, in its aim at producing products for all Iranian families.
In conditions when there was no domestic and local prestigious detergent and hygienic brands inside the country, Golrang was presented to market in pursuing its goal of producing a national brand with national identity. At first, the range of products under Golrang name included different types of dishwashing liquids, bleach and Golrang Super detergent for clothes, bathroom cleaner and glass cleaner.
However as the time passed and the brand extended its range, the products were increased to Golrang Hygienic and Detergents, different types of hair shampoo, conditioner, baby shampoo, body shampoo, etc. The first standard baby shampoo in Iran was introduced to the market by Golrang and during these years the company has introduced and marketed many products, and has received several certificates and standards which led it to be recognized as one of the top detergent and hygienic brands in Iran. By planning to meet the consumer’
satisfaction, Golrang has made humanitarian contributions in framework of joint plans with MAHAK Organization (the charity institute for supporting cancer children) and UNICEF, which has turned this brand into a National Icon.
Golrang Brand defines product quality an equivalence to consumer’s satisfaction and sees this as the key in its success. The proof of this claim is the confirmation and approval receiving by Golrang consumers; and the fact that today Golrang is the leader of products in different classes including glass cleaner, bleach detergents, bathroom and oven cleaner, baby shampoo, carpet and synthetic carpet shampoo, hand washing liquids….