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Multivitamin Shampoo Plus Protein for Normal Hair

Proteins constitute the major part of hair strands. When the proteins are exposed to damage, the strands become fragile causing trichoptilosis (split ends). By nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles, the hydrolyzed wheat protein prevents damage to hair’s outer layer and helps restore and repair the fragile strands. By penetrating deeply into the hair strands’ texture, the protein helps retain the hair’s natural moisture, making it look fresher, healthier, younger and shinier. Golrang’s Multivitamin Shampoo ‎Plus Protein contains vitamin complexes of B5, B3, B6, C and E, which, in addition to being strong antioxidants, help completely nourish the hair and skin and stregthen them. Group B vitamins in this shampoo play a significant role in preventing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. In addition, these vitamins contribute to the better and boosted hair growth by stimulating the hair’s follicle cells and strengthening its fiber. Vitamins C and E prevent from the frizziness and dryness of the hair, add gloss to it and soften the strands.

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